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DANIELGlobal platform interface for desktop
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Platform features

DANIELGlobal makes international business payments simple

We're building an advanced cross-border payments platform so that businesses can benefit from fast, low-cost, transparent, and frictionless global payments that take seconds, not days, and at a fraction of the cost.


Local UK, EU, or US accounts in your business’ name


Domestic or international, cheaper and faster


Hundreds of currency pairs, no hidden FX margin


A faster, intuitive business payments system

12x and 5x savings.
12x and 5x savings.

Our advanced cross-border payment technology is better for business

Optimising cross-border payment processes with DANIEL means benefits like lower costs, improved competitiveness, back-office efficiencies and a happier supply-chain.

Up to 12x savings on payments with FX
Up to 5x faster average settlement times
earn rewards

Share in our growth and earn rewards

A limited time offer to share in the value you help create, by earning share options as rewards for the payments you already make.

Shares for payments

Get 1 share option for every £1,000 of your cross-border payments.

Shares for referrals

Refer other businesses and get 1 share option for every £1,000 of their cross-border payments.

Shares for pre-payments

Uplift your ownership by an additional 10% for every increment of £10,000 in future fees prepaid upfront.

Terms and conditions apply

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Signing up is easy


Review the terms and complete the sign up form

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Start inviting other businesses and organisations using unique referral link to increase your share ownership accrual

Complete onboarding*

Once the platform is ready, we'll send your onboarding link. We will need to collect certain bits of information from you before we're legally allowed to create your account.

*The onboarding process will only begin once the platform build is complete and ready for use. We will send you the onboarding link automagically when the time comes.

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