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Building better cross-border payments technology

We’re on a mission to reduce the cost and increase the speed of cross-border payments for Banks and Fintechs (and their customers).

Small decorative green rail
Small decorative green rail

Global payments systems are outdated.
We’re changing that.

DANIEL is developing a smarter cross-border payments engine built from scratch for the Banks and Fintechs of the future. Our multi-cloud core tech-stack will enable speed, scalability, security and ridiculously low fees through one simple API integration.

Watch the demo
DANIEL Single API icon, showing a single circle connected to multiple circles by a single connector line.

A single API connection leveraging multiple payment rails.

DANIEL Multi-cloud icon, showing three clouds stacked.

Multi-cloud hosted will mean 100% uptime for you and your customers.

DANIEL blockchain icon, a square with multiple connection hubs on each intersection.

A technology stack leveraging traditional and blockchain rails.

DANIEL AI icon, similar a computer chip with multiple data connections

Proprietary AI algorithms form an orchestration layer that instantaneously finds the optimum route by speed and cost.

Our technology

Future-proof to the core

The DANIEL cross-border payments technology stack with proprietary AI, multi-cloud core engine, single API, multi-rail, kubernetes clusters and distributed ledger technology DLT.

We’re building a proprietary tech-stack from scratch, fit to power the Banks and Fintechs of the future.

DANIEL's global cross-border payments tech stack closeup of our multi-cloud core engine.

A multi-cloud core engine enabling agile, robust solutions for Banks and Fintechs

Cross-border payments with:
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL Proprietary AI algorithm 3D impression showing the payment route optimised by payment network, location, currency and exchanges.
3D representation of DANIEL's cross-border payments AI orchestration layer.

Smart-routing proprietary AI algorithms to optimise payment routes instantaneously

Orchestration layer optimises payment routes by:
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
DANIEL's Kubernetes cluster cross-section visualisation in 3D.

We put our cross-border payments API to the test — with impressive results

Watch as we put DANIEL's cross-border payments API to the test using two fictional apps emulating a UK- and US-based bank.Play button icon

0.01% cost

The payment network cost was 0.01% of the transaction value.

3 minutes

The payment took only 3 minutes to settle. This was done without the optimisation, which is expected to improve performance.

Watch the demo

A better cross-border payments technology is on the way

DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
Built for the future

Replace the legacy analogue payments networks with the newest digital solutions.

DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
Single API integration

One connection to rule them all, reducing resource requirements.

DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
Reduce complexity

Leverage the newest innovations without losing focus on your core business.

DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
No intermediaries

Cut out fees and control end-user pricing and margins.

DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
Win market-share

With near-instant and inexpensive payments

DANIEL Finance Ltd coin logo icon in turmeric.
First-mover advantage

Get the jump on your competition. You don’t need to be first, just be early.

Our expert team

Profile picture of Martin Hopkins, the founder and Chairman of Daniel Finance Ltd

Martin is the Founder of DANIEL. He is currently the CEO of Wealth Management Solutions – a US fund with >$400m AUM, and runs a small-cap private equity fund.

Martin Hopkins


Profile picture of David Daniel, the CEO of Daniel Finance Ltd

David is a former PwC and Deloitte chartered accountant. Over the past 10 years, he has closed £120M in equity & £40M in debt raises and worked on 23 deals worth over £4.1B.

David Daniel


Profile picture of Dave Perry, the CTO of Daniel Finance Ltd

Dave is the Chief Technology Officer of DANIEL, and is also the CEO of Penta.Technology. Previously Head of Technical Design at Barclays, and tech advisor to Starling Bank.

Dave Perry


Profile picture of Aneet Morar, the CPO of Daniel Finance Ltd

Aneet is our Chief Product Officer and has extensive experience leading product teams at PayPal, Monitise (acquired by IBM and Fiserv), American Express, and Lloyds Bank.

Aneet Morar


Profile picture of Ali Cleggett, the Chief Compliance Officer and MLRO for Daniel Finance Ltd.

Ali is our Chief Compliance Officer and MLRO. She has designed and implemented programs in companies like AAT, Optimal Payments, First Rate Exchange Services and Caxton FX.

Ali Cleggett


Inverse DANIEL logo

Driven by impact

“The poorest end-users pay the highest cross-border payment fees. We’re on a mission to make a difference to their lives, putting money back into the pockets of individuals around the world by partnering with institutions just like yours.”

— David Daniel, CEO

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Partner with us as we build the future of global payments.
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